'Great Depression' SOLD.

Artist Novemto Komo.

The Iconic Image

Preview night 6th July
Exhibition dates are 8th July till 2nd August 2013.

An iconic image is one that has acquired power through its use as an object of worship, due to religion, fashion, or popular culture. The status of the icon was the goal, the image would have been measured in terms of likeness to the source image of the icon. The majority of visual art works created would nest in tradition of great religious leaders in ancient Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. Religious devotees would hinder the art critic role and determine whether at under scrutiny the image stood as a close resemblance. Icons are timeless images and can represent a temporal event (the Flight Out of Egypt, etc). Icons maintain their currency by being continually updated to the present, by sustaining a constant relevance to now. The Byronic hero is a type of character named after the English Romantic poet Lord Byron and is a character who epitomises a moody and cynical defiance in his brow, misery in his heart, yet capable of deep and strong affection. This type of character is used fluently in Science – Fiction stories and Westerns. The Byronic icon is presented as the anti-hero, one that disobeys rules and takes matters into their own hands. Contemporary still life’s can direct light onto iconic objects of 21st century design. Objects that we are familiar with due to advertising and brand awareness. Still life’s that use iconic objects to direct attention to a particular era, like Art Deco for example will be selected. This exhibition will have a diverse array of art that translates to a dense multitude of iconic images ranging from people to places, objects to parodies of iconic art.

Selected artists

Salvatore di Sapio
John Burke
Hugo Kiekeben
Michele Tavoliere
Jane Baghori
Pascal Fessler
Novemto Komo